About Us

The “Turn-Around Church” is located at the first traffic light off of I-64 going east on Staples Mill Rd. For many years tractor-trailers and travelers who have taken the wrong exit have used our parking lot as a turn-around spot to get back on the right path to their destination. Brookland has also been the turn-around church for many people seeking a new direction in life and a closer connection with God. If you are at a point in life where you are looking to turn-around please come worship at Brookland.

Brookland United Methodist Church has been a friendly beacon of hope at the intersection of Staples Mill Rd. and Bethlehem Rd. in Richmond since 1953.

We are blessed to have two services to offer the community each Sunday.

9:30 am – Guardian Place Retirement Village – 3840 Mastin Lane

11:00 am – Brookland United Methodist – 2501 Staples Mill Rd.